The Dolan Cekada Scandal 
"Picture of Corrupter
Dolan" (This site exposes the Dolan Cekada Scandal in West Chester, OH)

Daniel Dolan: Mocker of Christ - Massacrer of the Innocent- WARN PARENTS!

Jim (Impotent) Gebel's

Judas Betrayal of (At Risk) Innocent Children
"I am nauseated at Your Excellency's utter disregard for common decency, especially in light of the fact that Your Excellency and Fr. Cekada
have labored for many, many years under a widely held suspicion of inappropriate behavior.  -Markus Ramolla (Public Letter to Daniel Dolan)

"The facts have been laid out. ...many parishioners are fed up with having contracts held up over their heads to silence them about things
they have seen with their own eyes that are contrary to the Catholic Faith and,  ... in violation of the civil law."  -Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

"I have heard (names omitted as the *C.P.D. is involved 01/12/10) witnessed them (Dolan & Cekada) sodomizing each other."    
(Public Testimony of Mr. Andrew Simon - Trusted Contact of Mr. Eamon Shea who wrote the, "Ode To Reality" about the SGG Scandal)

*Cincinnati Police Dept.

"It seems utterly preposterous to us that those who are habitually defiled with this festering contagion (vice of sodomy) would dare either to 
be promoted to orders or remain in their rank if already promoted since it is proved to be contrary to reason and against the canonical decress
of the fathers." -
Saint Peter Damian (Doctor of the Church); from his Papal sanctioned, Book of Gomorrah, 11th Century

Jim Gebel Sr. Of Ohio And Cath-Info To Be Broadcasted World-Wide
(15 True Moderators) 

Mr. Dirty Jim Gebel (and Mr. Moderator Ecumenical Harlot Matthew [McDevitt] of Cath Info) - 15 CATHOLICS are watching   [MODERATING] to see if this question to Jim Gebel is deleted - your actions WILL be broadcast...

You (Jim Gebel) wrote after "the Ode" was written the following:

"Let me just say this: what Eamon implies in his "Ode" has been corroborated 
by many, many people. It's common knowledge in several circles. ... "

Mr. Gebel anyone who understands English can see that your friend Eamon implies in some fashion 
the criminal vice of sodomy as defined by St. Peter Damian in regards to Cekada and Dolan/SGG. 
See his multiple posts (if needed).

If not the vice of Sodomy in regards to Dolan and or Cekada/SGG.
What does he [Eamon] imply in his "Ode"?
Please answer.


"has been corroborated by many, many people. And is common knowledge in several circles."

(Letter from Jim Gebel)

"Since I wrote my letter, I have also found out more information -- from more than twenty former
SGG parishioners so far -- about what has been going on there; and they all corroborate what
I say (most of it, they do not have to corroborate; it's common knowledge).

More importantly, many of them also corroborate Eamon's allegations.
I am sure that, by now, I am also considered a "pariah" by Dolan and Cekada, and by
many of their obedient followers who blindly defend everything that those two say or do.
Perhaps even you have heard of my 'defection' from SGG, and have even been "warned" 
not to believe anything that I say. I hope not. ...

Let me just say this: what Eamon implies in his 'Ode' has been corroborated by many,
many people. It's common knowledge in several circles. ... With each passing day, more
and more people who have kept silent in the past are coming forward to *speak out."

15 people are watching all of this - this will be reported ww - Matthew.
Now Be Dishonest and Delete it

Massacre of the Innocents
"Slaughter of The Holy Innocents"

*The Ecumenical Harlot  moderator (tiny Mathew) who works "unbiasedly" with Jim Gebel Sr. and Eamon Shea) did immediately delete this post that is documented now on the www (above) as he does to all? - who TRULY want to protect innocent children...!?!

Dan Dolan, Tony Cekada, and Jim Gebel are dark filthy perverts who will see Justice!

St. Michael The Archangel Thrust Your Sword Against Corrupters!

The Holy Innocents Pray For Us!


(Posted By: One of the 15 Moderators 01/12/10 - More True INFO to come.)

**Updates: regarding the ongoing Dolan Cekada Scandal at SGG in Ohio**

Michael Disalvo -the
only true
Whistle Blower?
Mr. Michael DiSalvo  
The only true whistle blower, in this tragedy?


(Children at Risk at SGG Update 01/22/10): "Ramolla Also Sacrifices The Innocent", comments by former SGG member - and whistle blower on Dolan & Cekada Mr. Michael
"...the situation in Cincinnati. We've heard so much (legitimate) fuss over the atrocities committed at SGG under the watchful eye (and with the assistance) of the conspiratorial priests at SGG [Dolan & Cekada]. ...Why hasn't Fr. Ramolla gone to the police? After all, 'the solution is in his hands', as he told DD [Daniel Dolan]. All he has to do is to approach the families who have already said openly that they are interested in coming forward. The criminals at SGG belong in jail. It is just as abominable, in my eyes, for a priest to not stop innocent sheep (especially children) from being spiritually slaughtered at that Hellhole when all he has to do is make a simple phone call to a family or two and actually tell them that going to the cops is a GOOD thing, not a destruction of the "traditional" movement. For now, I must treat the priest in question as a hireling, who is out for himself, rather than a pastor sent by God with jurisdiction, because he was sent by God and not by himself.  
Indeed, what IF the priest does tell them to shut up? I have asked some of these families to tell me if the priest in question [Ramolla] follows up with them. I would like to know whether this new parish [St. Albert The Great's] is safe or simply another cult of personality where the people pretend to be Catholic by observing the outward trappings of Catholicism.  
'Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works.' It is not surprising to me that one of the families has decided to stay by the wayside rather than go to St Albert's. As of my last notice, they had not been called by Fr. Ramolla, even to come back to the Church."

(Children at Risk at SGG Update 01/31/10): "Business As Usual", Ramolla in league (again) with sedevacantist (false) "leaders" - orders website (he was impetus behind) exposing Dolan & Cekada's crimes, run by former SGG members, to cease (it's cause of helping children from known predators).

(Children at Risk at SGG Update 02/02/10): "More Cover Up FROM The 'Whistle Blowers'", Dirty Jim Gebel & Eamon Shea - working directly with the owner of the "Cath" Info website Matthew McDevitt of Marion, TX, carefully alter a "cathinfo" post of 01/27/10 (i.e. deleting the website linked to it) in their "heroic" cause of justice.

(Children at Risk at SGG Update 11/01/10 - Feast Of All Saints Day): "Dolan & Cekada With Donald Sanborn's Codoning: Auction Off A "church" Online To Maintain Their Criminal Action$/Lifestyle - See: Pervs Dolan & Cekada Auction "Their" Columbus, OH "church" 

Anthony Cekada hopefully leaving town for good
Non-priest Anthony Cekada pictured outside St Clare "church" ... hopefully leaving town for good!

Auction Details - Click Here to REGISTER FOR THIS AUCTION

1923 St Clare Roman Catholic Church Internet Only Auction

Date & Time: November 1st 2010 8:30pm EST

Location: 24 E Norwich Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43201

Categories: Catalog - ENTER HERE (208) - BASEMENT (42) - FOYER (10) - KITCHEN (41) - MENS ROOM (1) - MULTI PURPOSE ROOM (65) - ORGAN (5) - SANCTUARY (41) - WOMENS ROOM (2) - WOOD PRODUCTS (1)

Auction closing date: This Auction Closes November 1st 2010 @ 8:30pm EST
The bidding closes the first 5 items at 8:30pm then closes 5 items per minute there after to the last item in catalog order.
INSPECTION: November 1st 3pm to 6pm Local Time

REMOVAL: November 2nd 11am to 5pm Local Time No Exceptions

LOCATION: 24 E Norwich Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43201

(Update 02/13/11): "Cath Info's Owner Matthew "Lawless" McDevitt of Marion, Texas: Knowingly Violates US 4th District Judge's Court Ordered Mandate: obligating McDevitt to remove multiple postings on McDevitt's owned & operated "chat board website" from an Aryan Nation/Klu Klux Klan ADVOCATE named Jim Condit Jr., who was *served a HRO (Harassment Restraining Order) on 01/10/11 for threatening both a true Catholic journalist and a 13 month infant. The heretic (McDevitt) defiantly ignored a cease and desist notice and is facing a lawsuit from a noted Midwest law firm, for his documented pre-meditated illegal activities/crimes. (Note: if for instance, the infant was seriously harmed, the novus ordo filth McDevitt, likely could face felony charges.)

*By US law, any respondent of a HRO has 45 days from the time they are served, to contest a temporary restraining order issued by a judge. This is a good provision, as tragically petitioners can lie to a judge (a damning mortal sin) to get a temporary HRO on an innocent person, only in order to harm that person's reputation, etc. In this specific case (which involves a threat against a one-year old child), the respondent (KKK/White Supremacist "poster" on the McDevitt owned website), fully aware of his dark deeds, did not at all contest the HRO served on him. In fact, the wicked respondent has violated the restraining order more than 15 times since February 2011 and can be served a warrant for his arrest (which includes mandatory jail time) by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Dept., (Ohio) for his crimes. True Catholics pray for prompt justice on the "Freemasonic Klan poster" and his evil enabler McDevitt!

St. Simon of Trent Ora Pro Nobis!

(Update 08/30/11): "CMRI's Bos$, Mark Pivarunas, 'Stance' On The Ongoing Dolan & Cekada Scandal at SGG in Ohio" - Dr. Thomas Droleskey publicly reported today that the leader of CMRI, Mark Pivarunas, nearly two years ago (Nov 2009) revealed to him in multiple conversations that he (Pivarunas) KNEW that what was being reported (abuse of children) by alarmed/concerned people (which included the testimony of a Markus Ramolla) at Saint Gertrude the Great in Ohio was true.

Dr. Droleskey noted that Pivarunas in the Fall of 2009 wanted it known that he (CMRI) would offer "sacraments" to those who already had, or would leave SGG who were: (exact quote of Pivarunas) "tired of the lies and rationalizations told repeatedly to justify the status quo" (at Dolan & Cekada's SGG).

Yet in perfect "heroic sedevacantist" form, Thuc "bishop" Mark Pivarunas made it clear to those reporting the abuse, that he could not take any public stand on the matter (corruption of youth) because his priests wanted to “avoid controversy.” (Source: "Just Another Day in the Rubber Room of Traditionalism", by Thomas A. Droleskey 08/30/11)

(More updates soon)

Note: These "traditional" Sede$ have no interest in papal mandates/true restoration: look at their wicked fruits.


Sede Cover-Up Scandal At SGG In Ohio (Site has similar content & additional section to leave comments)

Sanborn & Sin顤: With Thucite Sect All Bets ARE OFF  (Site shows absurdity/chaos of one of the cheif violators of the papal mandate law - the Thucite church)

Sedevacantist Sect's Bogus Consecrations Authoritatively Condemned by Pius XII's Ad Apostolorum Principis  

The Last Judgement

"We remember that severe word spoken against the corrupters of youth by Jesus Christ: 
'But who so shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better for him
 that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of 
the sea' 
(Matth. xviii. 6-7)."
-Pope Pius XI, Vigilanti Cura (Encyclical) June 29, 1936 A.D. 

"The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in time of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality." -Aquinas

     Qui tacet consentit

       Translation: "He who is silent consents."

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